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#CyberPowerlifting 2021

How to enter #BeatPJ contest

  1. Must be a member of the Blackstone Legion. Not a member yet? Join here
  2. Must purchase a powerlifting stack
  3. Submit Legion IG code and screen shot of proof of purchase to contest@blackstonelabs.com
  4. Submit weight and lift videos here


How to win #BeatPJ contest

  1. The winners will be chosen by our judges in each category
  2. Make sure you follow the rules completely for your lift


#BeatPJ Contest Rules

  1. Entries accepted until September 1st, 2021
  2. Purchase one #CyberPowerlift stack from blackstonelabs.com or utilize the mail-in method explained in section 5 below.
  3. Only domestic customers ARE ALLOWED to enter
  4. Mens weight classes: Up to 160, 161-190, 191-220, 220+
  5. Women's weight classes: Up to 130, 131-155, 155+
  6. Full terms and rules here


#BeatPJ $10,001 transformation contest

  1. Winner of each weight class will receive $1000 cash
  2. 2nd place will receive $500 store credit
  3. 3rd place will receive $100 store credit
  4. Best overall from men's + women's will receive $1000 cash
  5. Single lift competitor winners will receive $500 store credit


  • Conventional or Sumo stance only
  • Once started, the bar must be lifted without any downward movement until the lifter is standing erect. The bar may come to a stop, but no hitching or ramping on the legs is allowed.
  • On completion of the lift, the knees, hips and shoulders will be locked in a straight position and the lifter is standing completely upright
  • When the deadlift is fully locked out and shows control at the top, then the lifter will lower the bar back down to the floor
  • NO dropping of the barbell at lockout!
  • Belt - Any belt allowed
  • Knee and/or elbow sleeves
  • High socks (if desired)
  • Any shoes and/or barefoot
  • NO wrist straps
  • NO types of grips
  • NO deadlift suits
  • Must show full control at beginning and end of the lift
  • Must hit depth (depth is where the crease of your hip joint is BELOW the top of your knee
  • The bar may not have any downward movement coming up out of the squat
  • No double bouncing at the bottom of the squat
  • Knee sleeves or naked knee ONLY
  • Any type of belt is allowed
  • Wrist straps
  • Elbow sleeves
  • Any kind of shoes / barefoot
  • Back and Butt have to be touching the bench through the entire lift
  • Feet must stay touching the floor. Flat feet or up on toes is allowed
  • Once the lift has begun, the lifter must lower the bar and hold it motionless on the chest or abdominal area with a definite and visible pause. At no time may the bar come in contact with the lifter's belt
  • After the pause, the lifter presses upwards until arms are fully locked out. (No downward movement is allowed)
  • When fully locked out, it can then be re-racked
  • Wrist straps
  • Belt
  • Knee sleeves (if needed)
  • Any shoes and / or barefoot
  • NO elbow sleeves
  • NO bench shirts
  • NO slingshots


  • For your own safety and respect of the equipment/gym, spotters are highly encouraged for all participants. If you choose to have a spotter in your attempts/video please make sure they understand you are going for a max effort one rep attempt
  • Spotters may not touch the barbell, weights, or the lifter UNLESS they are catching you/the bar in the failed lift or if they are helping you rerack the barbell
  • Any lift that shows assistance from the spotter, in any way, will be disqualified.