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Active Egg White Protein™

Top Secret Nutrition® Active Egg White Protein™ is an outrageously delicious, professional grade,100% egg white protein.

Each serving is packed with 25 grams of pure protein to help you recover from your workouts and satisfy hunger.  Free from fat, including saturated fat, this protein contains all of the essential amino acids your body needs each day to perform at its peak.†

Key factors per serving:

• 120 Calories
• Zero Fat
• Zero Lactose
• Zero Cholesterol
• 25g Protein
• 5g BCAA

ABSORB MORE PROTEIN with Top Secret Nutrition® Active Egg White Protein™

This protein powder has a high Net Protein Utilization ratio (NPU). The NPU of a food is the percentage of protein contained in that food which is retained by the body after the food has been eaten.† The higher the ratio, the more protein your body has to work with to help you recover after grueling training sessions.