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Hydra Shred

Hydra Shred™ is a state-of-the-art diuretic for women developed by Top Secret Nutrition. The Hydra Shred™ formula has helped millions of Americans shed unwanted water weight, fast. This unique formula works to rapidly reduce bloating and support weight management, making it the perfect supplement for special occasions. Hydra Shred™ has been shown to aid weight loss in the following ways:
        • Rapid water loss & muscle definition
        • Reduces bloating & supports weight management
        • Replenishes electrolytes for reduced cramping & optimal muscle performance
        • Developed with women in mind

 Hydra Shred™ is an all-natural diuretic that helps in dismissing the excessive amount of water collected in tissues and reduces bloating, helping you feel healthier and leaner. Hydra Shred™ also contains Vitamin B6, a water soluble nutrient, that helps reduce fluid retention, especially in women with premenstrual syndrome.

Hydra Shred™ was formulated around the MAXIMUM STRENGTH version of bodybuilding's original and best selling herbal definition formula from the 1990's. Its powerful cutting-edge botanical blend is designed to support maximum muscular definition and vascularity by assisting in the elimination of excess water from beneath the skin. Its comprehensive formula also supply the electrolytes potassium and magnesium, which are essential to cellular water balance and can help in maintaining muscle fullness and proper balance of these vital nutrients.

Even if you are not a competing bodybuilder, Hydra Shred™ can be a great supplement for you. Hydra Shred™ improves your appearance and shows people those curves that were hiding under excess water. This supplement can also help with even the smallest excess water such as that holiday bloating we all dread or simply dropping a few pounds for the beach. Do not hide your curves any longer get Hydra Shred™ and show off your new and improved body.