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Intra-Elite™ EAA+

Intra-Elite™ EAA+

  • Promotes Lean Muscle
  • Enhances Pump
  • Increases Work Capacity
  • Non-Stim Energy
  • Highly Anabolic Ingredients 
  • No-Carb Intra-Workout

Intra workout supplementation is taking the fitness and athletic world by storm. You can either provide your body what it needs through advanced carbohydrates supplementation such as Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin, which is found in our Intra-Elite™ product or by non-carbohydrates based formulas like the one we are talking about in Intra Elite EAA+. 

Intra Elite EAA+ uses Hydromax®, 65% glycerol to force water into the muscles and thereby induces a full and tight muscle pump. Most pump ingredients work by increasing Nitric Oxide, but glycerol thrusts water into the muscle cells.

Intra Elite EAA+ is perfect for a person looking for optimal intra-workout supplementation while on a restricted calorie or low carbohydrates diet. With this completely free of calories, athletes can ensure they’re getting the proper nourishment for ideal muscle gains without sacrificing their diets to do so. 

Inside each serving of Intra Elite EAA+ we have also included essential amino acids. Bodybuilders love EAA’s when dieting, because they contain no calories, but can greatly aid in muscle preservation during times of low calories, strict dieting, and long, fasted cardio. EAA’s do an excellent job of providing a secondary energy source, giving the user a clean and steady energy boost 

Try Intra Elite EAA+ today and feel the difference in your workouts, your pump, and your body. 


Volumization & HyperHydration

HydroMax™ is the big brother to the extremely popular Glycerol Monostearate (GMS). While GMS is 5-10% Glycerol, HydroMax™ features 65% purity. INTRA-ELITE™ EAA+includes a massive dose of Glycerol due to its hyperhydrating capabilities. Clinical studies show that Glycerol is able to force the body to soak up and deposit more water into muscle cells than normal during training. This provides increases in endurance/stamina, while causing increased volumization which provides a great aesthetic look and may even increase acute strength/power.

Magnesium/SodiumMore commonly known as electrolytes, these two minerals are absolutely crucial to getting the body hydrated and more importantly STAYING hydrated. Dehydration is the #1 cause of athletic performance drops, so INTRA-ELITE™ EAA+ makes sure you get hydrated and stay hydrated all workout. This allows you to workout harder, longer, and with less breaks during training. 

Anabolic Activation

BCAA’s/EAAsMost intra-workout products include BCAAs, that’s nothing new. INTRA-ELITE™ EAA+ utilizes a unique blend of 3:1.5:1 to maximize MPS. BCAAs help spark mTOR, our anabolic switch, swapping our body from muscle wasting to muscle building when we train. While BCAAs are the final spark needed to initiate big growth, EAAs are the fuse which lets that flame travel!

Nitric Oxide Pump

Citrulline Malate The quickest way to increase performance, endurance, strength, and give crazy pumps at all times? Nitric Oxide. INTRA-ELITE™ EAA+ comes packed with a full 2.5g of Citrulline Malate to give your body what it needs for a powerful increase in Nitric Oxide production. More N.O. means increased blood, oxygen, and nutrient delivery to your muscles to give you the highly sought-after pump, coupled with immediate performance enhancement. 

Unlimited Energy

TheacrineThe hottest new stimulant on the market is also the smoothest. Theacrine provides clean and smooth energy enhancement, without leaving you literally shaking like many other stimulant based intra workouts will. Theacrine has now been clinically proven to enhance athletic performance, provide energy, and is the ONLY stimulant on the market that doesn’t bring a tolerance building issue along with it. This compound will feel exactly the same every single time you take it, and never get weaker!