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Lean-EFX™ Refined


  • Supports Improved Digestion
  • Promotes Weight Loss
  • Delivers Amazing Calorie Inhibition

Formutech Nutrition combined the three essentials of weight loss and control after an exhaustive search to create the best of each component. That is what the chemists at Formutech Nutrition did to formulate LEAN-EFX™ REFINED. This is one of the most complete weight loss supports available anywhere. Adding newly discovered effects of Green Coffee Bean which in its pre-roasted form contains a very important, active compound called chlorogenic acid. This novel ingredient works by inhibiting the release of glucose in the body, while increasing your body’s ability to turn to and utilize stored energy.

We have also introduced the science behind Evodiamine. This ingredient has been suggested to increase your body's natural ability to lose weight and provide positive energy. Its primary benefits are two-fold. Not only does it help your body burn calories, but it may also support the production of hormones in the adrenal glands that provide extra energy.


| Thermo EFX™ – Supports Weight Loss

| NeuroTherapy EFX™ - Appetite Control

| NextGen EFX™ – Increased Energy


Lean-EFX Refined Supplement Facts

Assess tolerance with one (1) capsule daily upon waking. Can take two (2) capsules either upon waking or, alternatively, one (1) upon waking and one (1) at lunch if tolerance allows. Do not take on an empty stomach or too late in the day. Do not exceed two (2) servings per day.